Choose for Yourself.


Currently, we offer several types of classes for clients to enjoy. Beginners & advanced exercise enthusiasts can enjoy our classes because you control your own resistance and we always offer modifications!


fitRIDE:  This 45 minute full-body workout burns calories, blasts fat and tones muscles. We’ve taken the basic spin concept and incorporated upper body & core work. This class is great for beginners and advanced riders alike because the level of intensity is up to you.

fitCORE:  This 45 minute strength based class will push you to new levels of strength.  fitCORE is a full-body workout using the TRX Suspension Trainers and your body weight to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability.  Feel the burn as you power through multiple sets of time-based exercises.

fitBARRE: This 45 minute class is for ladies only and you don't have to have the rhythm or grace of a dancer to conquer it!  The full-body workout uses precise isometric movements to focus on small muscle groups that are often ignored.  Utilizing these muscles are essential for creating a toned, feminine physique. 

bikerABS: This class begins with a heart pumping 30 minutes on the bike & rolls into 15 minutes of mat core work and stretching.  Our elite instructor's creativity and expertise will leave you with a rock solid abdomen.

bikerBOD:  This class starts with a heart pumping 30 minutes ride & rolls into a 30 minute TRX class.  The workout leverages gravity with the participant's body weight to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability.




Individual Classes:

Single Class                         $20

5 Class Pack                         $90

10 Class Pack                       $160

20 Class Pack                       $299

Monthly Mini Membership:

3 Month Commitment: 

(9 Classes per month)       $129

Month to Month:

(9 Classes per month)       $149

Unlimited Membership:

3 Month Commitment:      $159

 Month to Month:             $179

Please Note: Once class has started, no one will be allowed in the studio! Thank You!